Saturday, 13 May 2017

Is this World real or illusory!

Hi Friends!

This is the World/Earth we live in! Yes, a complex web created by the people living on this planet, because everyone(if not everyone), then most of the people living, thinking or wanting, their life to be immortal and this World being their last chance to register their presence till life exists!

In everyone's life he/she has a complete web of problems or situations that he/she has been facing in daily routine. Every one thinks his/her problems to be the biggest or the most important in context to other people around us. Because we think that this world is a last chance of our story of existence, and must be loud to be told to the next generations, so that our name become eternal! Generations who come after we have died, must talk about our story and our name become immortal!
We crave to enjoy the maximum out of this life, even if stepping over other's head, as if we had been living this life for the last many thousand years and would live for another thousand years!

So this means that we shouldn't enjoy or we shouldn't strive to have more material benefits of this life and not try to have name and fame?

Answer is "No, we should strive to have pleasures and enjoyment in life and should try hard to succeed BUT this is with a caveat, and that is - we should not run endlessly because no wealth had been and could be sufficient for anyone ever. Even Mr Buffet at the age of 86, and having billions of dollars is still striving to increase his company's worth more . Much better satisfied seems Bill Gates(microsoft) than him, though having seen two and half decades less than him!And there was Steve jobs who repented having had less time for himself in his lifetime, than gathering more for his company.

So my fellow creatures of this world, just know one thing that what soever you do or you live in your life, this world is real in itself but illusory for all of us who have come to exist on this earth for a limited period.
Don't panic, don't overjoy, don't lose heart that you have missed the bus to heaven on earth because who knows that you have already lived many many lives with different names in thousand of years of history of mankind, sometimes your one name has been immortal and sometimes it has gone unnoticed so take it what comes, in your stride.

Cheer and live as it comes! Hardships are very difficult to face and the time of hardships are the longest it seems,but just keep in mind one thing-  Different times will come and go, even if you are happy or sad, so choice is yours to spend it either way! Because no one knows if he/she would see next day morning or not? Life is long but short too, and no one knows about it!

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You cannot be a winner all the times but it doesn't mean that you have been a loser.
It seems all lost when you see the materialistic side of this world but look at the spiritualistic side, and you would seem to be in race which is much longer than our life time.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Greetings for 2017, Be Positive for the Year and for Yourself.

My Friends! Warm wishes for the New Year 2017 ahead, have fun in the coming year with happiness and joyous mood always.

The last year may or may not have been good for each one of u but we have to look into 2017 with big positivity as it is the only way we can thank God and stay in this world a blessed. Being positive means we are understanding the intricacies of life and know that time always cannot be the same. We are happy to let nature takes it's own course and circumstances developing according to that.

This attitute is not only for the ones who believe in God but for all of us who believes in Life and death(which surely all of us do).

Whatever you do- Be perfect in your health routine, Be very cautious in eating and drinking, Be vigilant to make yourself less susceptible to any injury BUT we cannot (mind you, we cannot) extend our living on this earth with the same brain and body, beyond a certain length of extended years.
We all know that life is so unpredictable which makes us feel anxious as we don't know that for how long we will be living, but friends it is a fact that we all want to live the best of times of whatever life we live.

So if you are not getting what you feel will make you happy, your sadness or anxiousness won't either make it happen but make the present time also look awful.Also just cement one thing in mind that time is always not the same, though we sometimes may feel that, "ohh, i have been seeing that person having fun time since so long,but my good time didn't last long", but we cannot get an idea of what is transpiring in his life actually!

There is no one to stop you from living the way you want to, World can only stop you using the material thing but cannot stop you to experience good feeling in seeing nature, loving people, shortening distances of heart,making average moments special by having fun! It is easier said than done because we all have human egoistic mind, which will feel elated only seeing ourselves better off than others(but that better off is only in terms of money in this societal set up's mind).
Just feel positive and time will make all of us feel happy and better positioned to face any eventuality.

'Have a blessed 2017' 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

"Make Yourself feel better first and Life would be better"

Hi Friends!

We have been living our lives since we came to have senses, and every creature of this world is!

At every stage of our life, the family and the near ones make us focus on one thing?

"Strive to achieve more"
Now what is this more?

More in their definition is more marks/more achievements/more success/more money in life and more respect through more money!

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These things are the only ones which are visible to the outer world, so it will make a person more acceptable and important or celebrated in society, and mind you, this is the reason or purpose of our near dear ones to nag us to "Do More "

Whatever more you achieve, this more is relative to others, it is not complete in itself actually.
If you compare yourself to the richest of people or kings ,150 years or before that, you will find that you have more luxuries and things for good livings at your disposal than them.
He/she could've luxury to travel more than others but didn't have luxury to have driving pleasure of an automated car, He couldn't get the coolest air of airconditioners though had tens of servants moving hand held fans, he could've seen live dances or funny acts but couldn't see the television and ready internet that you have! So we have much more than a king 200 years back had, But we feel that we have been left out of some good time and fun which other people are seen having or may be having as per your thoughts.
We are not knowing that this Fun is having an end for everyone and is endless too!!
Did you get this??
Having an end and endless too! How ?
While the quantity is endless(whatever fun one have, he/she will feel that he/she should've more) but the Time or the period of fun, has an end!

Friends, Be happy in the conditions you are in, I know and we all know, it is always difficult for everyone of us in different circumstances to be happy, but if we would give us 5 or 10 minutes to  think about the above, we can move in the right direction. 

Each one of us is a king or Queen of the life which has been designated for each one of us, and it is just a matter of time and relative factor which make us feel- Get more I have less, without knowing what is more!
Don't feel that people who have achieved relative success are happy, they too are striving for more and they feel happy when they feel the lesser privileged striving for things that he/she already has !!
So they are not happy if confined to only similar people.
Had that been the case, then Edwin Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio, which we all listen to be happy,hadn't jumped from 13th floor to end his life, he would've been striving for something more of more, and feeling that this is just a small invention, Edison did much more,OR many many of footballers or writers or singers who ended their life, even after achieving everything and striving for more!!

Get charged up like a king/queen and explore the things which can make you happy, in the available resources, and a caveat with happiness- "Happiness without harming other"

Bye... and Be Happy

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Let the Mind flow to the direction it loves!

Hi Friends,

Coming to my blog after so many days or even months, and I don't know if you missed my posts in this period or not. I would be happy if you actually missed  and if not then no complaints of what your mind was upto!
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You know during the posts I created, my mind wandered to think about different aspects of life and chalked it on paper/blog here, and I myself came to view life closely.

I learned to just relax and think, and not just run after daily routines of life. I started to think about various aspects which went unnoticed although they very much existed in life of all of us.

We all have been child, had good or bad times, had or are having various upheavals in life so the thought provoking aspects of life touch every person at any point of time.

I got to some thoughts about mind this time, but didn't write and just let it happen to me first.
During this intervening period I made it a point that I will just let my mind decide when to come on blog and not my brain tell me. For many days I was missing something and was wondering what, and that was this blog but my mind was not in a mood to write. Now when I am writing, I am feeling more contented to be here and feeling that I had let my mind decide what to do.

This whole detail is about " Let the flow of Mind take action sometimes and not brain". it is very difficult to actually assess whether it is your brain acting or mind, mind is the essence of heart and a part of unconscious brain together.
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If sometimes you will let your mind decide when to do some of your hobby or even routine work, you would feel more enjoyable to do that. Of course you would tell me that "how one can wait for routine work to be postponed and done when your mind says", but friend this routine work is not your office work, but it could be any of your routines too, cleaning your desk, dror or almirah, anything. And just let your mind goes where it want to.

Sitting and doing nothing could be a work your mind may love sometimes(on holidays or after office hours of course, don't want to make you lose your job :)

This is difficult to understand but I suggest that you to give it a try.This could be your movie watching or new music uploads, which you use to do in routine.
These days you could have lot of time to complete them but if you would complete this way, you would feel a lot satisfied even on tearing useless pages or downloading some music or checking your second unused email ID and feel as contented. Very strange it may sound but no costs so go on!

This time the post is not about the living but about an innocuous habit or routine.

Now my mind has made me come here so next posts would be coming sooner and more frequently and if not -- then this thought is just a flash of my mind which shouldnot be much to think about.
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Bye and take care !

Monday, 28 March 2016

Just Think and Change- Less than half of your life is left OR even lesser!!

Hello Readers!

What is your age dear friends?

Not to disclose here or tell anyone, neither I am telling you that how long are you going to live!

Just think over, How many years of your Life have you lived and rethink?

"Do you remember how last 10 year or 20 year went or spent"?
Most of the answers would be "Yes, I remember most of it, they passed as if it were few days and as if it was just months of this year. Some may remember that as vividly as if it happened yesterday..

Do you know " How the next 10/20 years are going to be spent from now onward"?

Most of us would be very skeptical about that and fearful too, but mind you, they would also pass as the last years, few of the times Good and some not So Good.

We are going to spend our next years too like that only, how we spent before, with the exception that our routines, studies, families would see some changes- kids completing education,marriages happening in family, some good and some not so good happenings BUT that happened in last few years too.

Image result for image of stop and wait sign

Wait, Stop ,Think and now move ahead. Don't just live the balance life without knowing how time is passing but make Time pass with some new work done so that each Year which pass from now onwards would be an year to be remembered for - my visit to my old uncle's/aunt's place or to my childhood friend or an orphanage near a place you live, or my childhood hobby being revived(even if a bit), my tryst with ground situation of the world by over seeing the activities of downtrodden, Or revisiting my painting interests OR it could be anything different from daily chores.

Image result for smiley faceAND friend- what will it take- probably a few hours or just a few days in a whole year, and I must tell you that an Year has 365 days.

I think we all have forgotten that 10 years have 3650+ days !! Can't we do something in 5/10 years that makes a particular year worthwhile OR shall we just keep running and running and spend our lives and ONE day seeing ourselves on the Bed with our siblings, may or may not be beside us and at that time thinking that "Ohh Life passed as if it were of few days, I couldn't even feel the time spent, all was the same"

Yes, we must go for holidays and fun time but that time doesn't come between this one and many of us even don't spare time for holidays too, hey my fellow homosapiens*, don't just become homo sapiens as in text books but Live a human life.( *homosapiens is the biological name of human beings).

So take leave from work for works which can't be called as work BUT they will be counted when we all say adieu to this World.

Will be coming more often now, my time too is getting fast depleted!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

YEAR 2016- Another Year -Make it better


NEW YEAR wishes to all my bloggers.

So 2015 has come to an end and 2016 has started !

Everyone would've got his/her own set of joys and woes from 2015.
2015 had been good for many and for the ones who had good year would be skeptical about 2016.

AND whose 2015 had been BAD would be looking to 2016 with great hope.

Do 2015-16 OR 2017 or 14 matter? OR Is it in our mind only?

According to Astro science Year number do matter as per person's numero life numbers BUT looking at past predictions, that predicted doomsday, for a year like 2012 and some year were said to be sure shot world war years, one feels these all things are only fifty percent correct.

What way to chart out for the ensuing year to get wishes come true or to get on the path of wishes & satisfaction?
Whatever you do with your numero life which means number associated with your life like D.O.B and name being changed like adding ee or yy or anything to align your numbers according to the year 2016, one thing is sure- You won't get satisfaction and fulfilling accomplishment in next years unless you enjoy the happiness sharing with the less privileged ones.

Once you share and widen the base of your happiness the spiritual forces will work in, to ensure that you get the best of times because fact is that, with one person many people are associated, in the world that we can't get to know.
And the power that is governing this world always favour toward one who work things that make people believe in the ultimate power.It is easy to say that when I will have this much of money I will help the less privileged this way or that But it is even easier to act even in present circumstances of yours.

Many ways to help those people without them knowing.e.g- when you are bargaining with someone for his labour work, after you've done the bargaining give more money than promised by you after the work.

You will say "why!!, this is sheer waste" ,but that money wasted by you would be felt extra income by that person and would've spent that in a more leisurely manner than regular money with his family And with one person you will get happiness of 3-5 people depending on him.Yes, one cannot fill the pockets of mass poverty but one can be a person whom he may remember as a good customer.

This whole logic may look foolish on a first view but my dear friends- Try it and you will feel the changes that you will feel in your mind and yourself feeling better.

Will be coming out with an entirely new spiritheoratics soon that will make all of us light and better people to live with.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Higher Your "FGTF" to be happy always.

Hi Friends!

We all are now living in a highly scientific & advanced technology times where we have quantified and love to hear about everything on some basis or figures like "what's the BHP", "How much GB", "How much mp(megapixel)"?, "what's the package"? "2G or 3G"?

This quantification has also been awarded to the happiness and most people think that this happiness level is more with being more famous or having more money but it is Not XXXXXXXX
Actually this is where the Subject line of this post that is "FGTF" comes into play.

What is "FGTF"?

FGTF is "Feel Good Trigger Factor"

                                                                                                                  FGTF is " Level of happiness attained on the basis/level of event"-Level of happiness achieved on the smallest of event would mean "Highest FGTF"

Level of event may be as low as reaching office on time despite traffic Or on seeing your child scoring good in small tests Or on meeting friends Or on watching a good movie.

OR As high as getting a new car Or seeing your child stand first among all Or nothing less than a foreign trip.

To elaborate further, suppose you and a colleague of yours were going on an office trip to a foreign destination and a plane mishap occurs and you had to crash land at a place where both of u had to stay for  a week to get back , while the next batch of your colleagues got there at conference and got extra value points in career sheet..

"Would you be happy being saved Or sad having missed the value points in your career sheet"?
So the one who is happy has a high FGTF while one who is sad is having a low FGTF.

This "FGTF" is a relative term and cannot be used isolated because unlike a normal earning man, a poor beggar would be v happy getting a 1000 rs note so he is having higher FGTG but he shall be compared to his' likewise person.

While a "Low FGTF" person can boast that he/she is quite matured &sophisticated but the matter of the fact is that he/she would be missing the joys of life as a whole.
That "low FGTF" person would be happy in very few times like being admired publicly or by sycophants Or when people acknowledge his/her feats and not by achieving feat alone.

So your mind's happiness fuel should be like petrol which ignites easily, on a small good event, like petrol on lightest of fire,whereas the mind's sadness fuel should be like a glass which cannot ignite easily on sad events easily but yes it can hotten on prolonged sadness but wouldn't catch fire. Saying that it wouldn't even hotten would be like asking to be like God!
Make yourself happy in circumstances like first monsoon rain or a good traffic day or an evening with friends and feel every day to be a good day when nothing bad happenend.

If all celebrities had been happy then all would've lived the most and not died by overdose or something unnatural. This doesn't mean that all successful are unhappy but the fact is that, one who takes things in stride what nature is giving is the happiest- Be it a private jet or a private bicycle!

In third world countries getting electricity after power cuts is a moment of joy so in developed world one should find easy triggers like having encountered low traffic and good work day to be  moments of joy.

Don't wait for vastly different things or events to happen for you, to be happy but find the slightest of things to be happy.

Stay Happy and Enjoy Life!