Saturday, 13 May 2017

Is this World real or illusory!

Hi Friends!

This is the World/Earth we live in! Yes, a complex web created by the people living on this planet, because everyone(if not everyone), then most of the people living, thinking or wanting, their life to be immortal and this World being their last chance to register their presence till life exists!

In everyone's life he/she has a complete web of problems or situations that he/she has been facing in daily routine. Every one thinks his/her problems to be the biggest or the most important in context to other people around us. Because we think that this world is a last chance of our story of existence, and must be loud to be told to the next generations, so that our name become eternal! Generations who come after we have died, must talk about our story and our name become immortal!
We crave to enjoy the maximum out of this life, even if stepping over other's head, as if we had been living this life for the last many thousand years and would live for another thousand years!

So this means that we shouldn't enjoy or we shouldn't strive to have more material benefits of this life and not try to have name and fame?

Answer is "No, we should strive to have pleasures and enjoyment in life and should try hard to succeed BUT this is with a caveat, and that is - we should not run endlessly because no wealth had been and could be sufficient for anyone ever. Even Mr Buffet at the age of 86, and having billions of dollars is still striving to increase his company's worth more . Much better satisfied seems Bill Gates(microsoft) than him, though having seen two and half decades less than him!And there was Steve jobs who repented having had less time for himself in his lifetime, than gathering more for his company.

So my fellow creatures of this world, just know one thing that what soever you do or you live in your life, this world is real in itself but illusory for all of us who have come to exist on this earth for a limited period.
Don't panic, don't overjoy, don't lose heart that you have missed the bus to heaven on earth because who knows that you have already lived many many lives with different names in thousand of years of history of mankind, sometimes your one name has been immortal and sometimes it has gone unnoticed so take it what comes, in your stride.

Cheer and live as it comes! Hardships are very difficult to face and the time of hardships are the longest it seems,but just keep in mind one thing-  Different times will come and go, even if you are happy or sad, so choice is yours to spend it either way! Because no one knows if he/she would see next day morning or not? Life is long but short too, and no one knows about it!

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You cannot be a winner all the times but it doesn't mean that you have been a loser.
It seems all lost when you see the materialistic side of this world but look at the spiritualistic side, and you would seem to be in race which is much longer than our life time.