Saturday, 10 September 2016

"Make Yourself feel better first and Life would be better"

Hi Friends!

We have been living our lives since we came to have senses, and every creature of this world is!

At every stage of our life, the family and the near ones make us focus on one thing?

"Strive to achieve more"
Now what is this more?

More in their definition is more marks/more achievements/more success/more money in life and more respect through more money!

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These things are the only ones which are visible to the outer world, so it will make a person more acceptable and important or celebrated in society, and mind you, this is the reason or purpose of our near dear ones to nag us to "Do More "

Whatever more you achieve, this more is relative to others, it is not complete in itself actually.
If you compare yourself to the richest of people or kings ,150 years or before that, you will find that you have more luxuries and things for good livings at your disposal than them.
He/she could've luxury to travel more than others but didn't have luxury to have driving pleasure of an automated car, He couldn't get the coolest air of airconditioners though had tens of servants moving hand held fans, he could've seen live dances or funny acts but couldn't see the television and ready internet that you have! So we have much more than a king 200 years back had, But we feel that we have been left out of some good time and fun which other people are seen having or may be having as per your thoughts.
We are not knowing that this Fun is having an end for everyone and is endless too!!
Did you get this??
Having an end and endless too! How ?
While the quantity is endless(whatever fun one have, he/she will feel that he/she should've more) but the Time or the period of fun, has an end!

Friends, Be happy in the conditions you are in, I know and we all know, it is always difficult for everyone of us in different circumstances to be happy, but if we would give us 5 or 10 minutes to  think about the above, we can move in the right direction. 

Each one of us is a king or Queen of the life which has been designated for each one of us, and it is just a matter of time and relative factor which make us feel- Get more I have less, without knowing what is more!
Don't feel that people who have achieved relative success are happy, they too are striving for more and they feel happy when they feel the lesser privileged striving for things that he/she already has !!
So they are not happy if confined to only similar people.
Had that been the case, then Edwin Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio, which we all listen to be happy,hadn't jumped from 13th floor to end his life, he would've been striving for something more of more, and feeling that this is just a small invention, Edison did much more,OR many many of footballers or writers or singers who ended their life, even after achieving everything and striving for more!!

Get charged up like a king/queen and explore the things which can make you happy, in the available resources, and a caveat with happiness- "Happiness without harming other"

Bye... and Be Happy