Sunday, 10 July 2016

Let the Mind flow to the direction it loves!

Hi Friends,

Coming to my blog after so many days or even months, and I don't know if you missed my posts in this period or not. I would be happy if you actually missed  and if not then no complaints of what your mind was upto!
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You know during the posts I created, my mind wandered to think about different aspects of life and chalked it on paper/blog here, and I myself came to view life closely.

I learned to just relax and think, and not just run after daily routines of life. I started to think about various aspects which went unnoticed although they very much existed in life of all of us.

We all have been child, had good or bad times, had or are having various upheavals in life so the thought provoking aspects of life touch every person at any point of time.

I got to some thoughts about mind this time, but didn't write and just let it happen to me first.
During this intervening period I made it a point that I will just let my mind decide when to come on blog and not my brain tell me. For many days I was missing something and was wondering what, and that was this blog but my mind was not in a mood to write. Now when I am writing, I am feeling more contented to be here and feeling that I had let my mind decide what to do.

This whole detail is about " Let the flow of Mind take action sometimes and not brain". it is very difficult to actually assess whether it is your brain acting or mind, mind is the essence of heart and a part of unconscious brain together.
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If sometimes you will let your mind decide when to do some of your hobby or even routine work, you would feel more enjoyable to do that. Of course you would tell me that "how one can wait for routine work to be postponed and done when your mind says", but friend this routine work is not your office work, but it could be any of your routines too, cleaning your desk, dror or almirah, anything. And just let your mind goes where it want to.

Sitting and doing nothing could be a work your mind may love sometimes(on holidays or after office hours of course, don't want to make you lose your job :)

This is difficult to understand but I suggest that you to give it a try.This could be your movie watching or new music uploads, which you use to do in routine.
These days you could have lot of time to complete them but if you would complete this way, you would feel a lot satisfied even on tearing useless pages or downloading some music or checking your second unused email ID and feel as contented. Very strange it may sound but no costs so go on!

This time the post is not about the living but about an innocuous habit or routine.

Now my mind has made me come here so next posts would be coming sooner and more frequently and if not -- then this thought is just a flash of my mind which shouldnot be much to think about.
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Bye and take care !