Monday, 28 March 2016

Just Think and Change- Less than half of your life is left OR even lesser!!

Hello Readers!

What is your age dear friends?

Not to disclose here or tell anyone, neither I am telling you that how long are you going to live!

Just think over, How many years of your Life have you lived and rethink?

"Do you remember how last 10 year or 20 year went or spent"?
Most of the answers would be "Yes, I remember most of it, they passed as if it were few days and as if it was just months of this year. Some may remember that as vividly as if it happened yesterday..

Do you know " How the next 10/20 years are going to be spent from now onward"?

Most of us would be very skeptical about that and fearful too, but mind you, they would also pass as the last years, few of the times Good and some not So Good.

We are going to spend our next years too like that only, how we spent before, with the exception that our routines, studies, families would see some changes- kids completing education,marriages happening in family, some good and some not so good happenings BUT that happened in last few years too.

Image result for image of stop and wait sign

Wait, Stop ,Think and now move ahead. Don't just live the balance life without knowing how time is passing but make Time pass with some new work done so that each Year which pass from now onwards would be an year to be remembered for - my visit to my old uncle's/aunt's place or to my childhood friend or an orphanage near a place you live, or my childhood hobby being revived(even if a bit), my tryst with ground situation of the world by over seeing the activities of downtrodden, Or revisiting my painting interests OR it could be anything different from daily chores.

Image result for smiley faceAND friend- what will it take- probably a few hours or just a few days in a whole year, and I must tell you that an Year has 365 days.

I think we all have forgotten that 10 years have 3650+ days !! Can't we do something in 5/10 years that makes a particular year worthwhile OR shall we just keep running and running and spend our lives and ONE day seeing ourselves on the Bed with our siblings, may or may not be beside us and at that time thinking that "Ohh Life passed as if it were of few days, I couldn't even feel the time spent, all was the same"

Yes, we must go for holidays and fun time but that time doesn't come between this one and many of us even don't spare time for holidays too, hey my fellow homosapiens*, don't just become homo sapiens as in text books but Live a human life.( *homosapiens is the biological name of human beings).

So take leave from work for works which can't be called as work BUT they will be counted when we all say adieu to this World.

Will be coming more often now, my time too is getting fast depleted!!