Sunday, 13 December 2015

Higher Your "FGTF" to be happy always.

Hi Friends!

We all are now living in a highly scientific & advanced technology times where we have quantified and love to hear about everything on some basis or figures like "what's the BHP", "How much GB", "How much mp(megapixel)"?, "what's the package"? "2G or 3G"?

This quantification has also been awarded to the happiness and most people think that this happiness level is more with being more famous or having more money but it is Not XXXXXXXX
Actually this is where the Subject line of this post that is "FGTF" comes into play.

What is "FGTF"?

FGTF is "Feel Good Trigger Factor"

                                                                                                                  FGTF is " Level of happiness attained on the basis/level of event"-Level of happiness achieved on the smallest of event would mean "Highest FGTF"

Level of event may be as low as reaching office on time despite traffic Or on seeing your child scoring good in small tests Or on meeting friends Or on watching a good movie.

OR As high as getting a new car Or seeing your child stand first among all Or nothing less than a foreign trip.

To elaborate further, suppose you and a colleague of yours were going on an office trip to a foreign destination and a plane mishap occurs and you had to crash land at a place where both of u had to stay for  a week to get back , while the next batch of your colleagues got there at conference and got extra value points in career sheet..

"Would you be happy being saved Or sad having missed the value points in your career sheet"?
So the one who is happy has a high FGTF while one who is sad is having a low FGTF.

This "FGTF" is a relative term and cannot be used isolated because unlike a normal earning man, a poor beggar would be v happy getting a 1000 rs note so he is having higher FGTG but he shall be compared to his' likewise person.

While a "Low FGTF" person can boast that he/she is quite matured &sophisticated but the matter of the fact is that he/she would be missing the joys of life as a whole.
That "low FGTF" person would be happy in very few times like being admired publicly or by sycophants Or when people acknowledge his/her feats and not by achieving feat alone.

So your mind's happiness fuel should be like petrol which ignites easily, on a small good event, like petrol on lightest of fire,whereas the mind's sadness fuel should be like a glass which cannot ignite easily on sad events easily but yes it can hotten on prolonged sadness but wouldn't catch fire. Saying that it wouldn't even hotten would be like asking to be like God!
Make yourself happy in circumstances like first monsoon rain or a good traffic day or an evening with friends and feel every day to be a good day when nothing bad happenend.

If all celebrities had been happy then all would've lived the most and not died by overdose or something unnatural. This doesn't mean that all successful are unhappy but the fact is that, one who takes things in stride what nature is giving is the happiest- Be it a private jet or a private bicycle!

In third world countries getting electricity after power cuts is a moment of joy so in developed world one should find easy triggers like having encountered low traffic and good work day to be  moments of joy.

Don't wait for vastly different things or events to happen for you, to be happy but find the slightest of things to be happy.

Stay Happy and Enjoy Life!