Tuesday, 27 October 2015

'Tomorrow never Dies, But Today will'

Hi Folks!

The die hard fans of James Bond and others must be acquainted with one of his hit movie"Tomorrow never dies" 
as the name suggests - Life of tomorrow has to be saved today at all costs and that is what Mr Bond is doing in the movie...

But the true essence of the theme must be that tomorrow never dies but today has to and it will!

So while you must be preparing for tomorrow, that must not be at the cost of today's pleasure and enjoyment of life.

So while enmity,hatred and prejudices must be eliminated for better tomorrow, happiness and freedom of thoughts must be ensured for today.

This is just one life, you won't get it again-this theory propels us to bulldoze ourselves over others or prioritize our self over others

BUT this is absolutely flawed,

Whatever you do or whatever good life you live -at the end one would feel that he/she could've lived better. And if the life comes only once then the recent research which spans history of mankind to 50000 years makes this claim absurd, God do not have so many souls to cater to so many years of existence, they have to be reclaimed

Yes it is right to enjoy life to the fullest but in the quest to make it best we forget the beauty of life and the ways to make it. You will always feel a lot better when enjoyment involves more people.
Be a saver and spender too .

So while thinking about aggregating for tomorrow don't forget to live today. Knowing that this is one of many thousand's view which is being shared every now and then, still I felt to share it !


  1. Very true,everyone lives to prove a point or prove himself,making a hard struggle, to make it big. But on second thought to whom does we need to prove,our making big or small matters to none.