Monday, 5 October 2015

Sun is Shining Always-Giving Shine to Everyone and You!

Daily we wake up seeing a bright Sun above us, no matter we wake up at 5am or at 11am!

We can be at bed in morning OR go out in the park. 

When we go out we experience a nice morning and bright SUN which is ubiquitous(universal to all) and shining happily to you irrespective of whether you have come for the first time in many years or coming daily for the last many years!

Do we have the same compassion for others?

Will our brightness fade if we behave like Sun?

"That fellow is a snob kind"/ "he is an egoist"/ "she is damn caring about others" -

Above feelings come to everyone's mind for any person in his/her circle on the basis of perception one has built over the time for him Or may be the person is actually near to the term described.
In case of any bad happenings to the person we are talking about, these feelings aggravates.

So he/she ignored us or brushed us aside, then we must give him his cup of bad behavior that he deserves?
 Isn't it so and we will feel satisfied as "Yes, here comes my turn and now he will feel the pinch"?

So shall Sun should also do it like that, whenever sparingly or when doctor advises us to go in morning to have a feel of fresh day? 
Should Air make itself more pleasant for the regulars and not us? 
Trees should give more oxygen to the ones who have made it feel it's existence?
'Because we had been ignoring it for the past many years and now we have come because of our necessity.

Dear fellows, nature shows us the path, to deal with the surroundings although we call ourselves as active living beings!

Yes, it's easier said than done but we may try, build compassion for everyone, when one is in dire straits don't bring sympathy in your mind but empathy for him/her!

Sympathy is just having a kind feeling for other but empathy is experiencing the feeling by putting yourself in that stage!

Difficult, it is really difficult but whenever that stage comes, just think of the Sun and you will get the motivation to be, if not like it then at least near to it.

Don't get yourself embroiled in hatred but if other hates then just move as if that person is not present at all so be happy and cheerful!

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