Saturday, 12 September 2015

Spiritual Comfort- Click Only the pictures, by your eye's camera !

Hi Friends!

Have you ever noticed that when we are commuting to our office, or just roaming around the city, or going out of station we see many things that come across our eyes. Many things are just seen and ignored BUT most of the good looking things get embedded into the mind, and we think over it again and again.

When we see a person sporting a lavish car or a beautiful place or house , we think and part of our mind, which has an insatiable desire for more & more things, gets active. Our feelings of well being goes down, whatsoever we are.If  this doesnot happen to you then you are blessed with the best of spiritual mind and soul!

The level of feeling down, depend on person to person, it can be just a bit or it could be too high- even a normal passing day could become restless thinking about the pale comparison of your own Honda city or Toyota corolla with a Jaguar /porche/maybach OR a bike with simply a car!

Is it natural to all of us and if yes then what can be done for it? 
Ohh Leave it, it happens, nothing could be done!

Is this your view point? 

Then see the other side!

Have you ever used a camera to take pictures? 
Did the camera clicks and save the images to memory card without your command?
Simply "NO" 

It just see whatever comes in front of the lens and clicks only if we want, otherwise moves over to the new image .
So your camera may have seen umpteen images but would've taken only few images backhome.

Just DO it like that- Make your eyes a camera only!

See whatever comes in front of your lens but donot get engulfed in any of the images' landscape.

What you see is not meant to be stored in your mind and to be given a thought always, but things are to be seen and cherished, that you have got these wonderful lens in form of eyes to see the things.
ONLY when there is involvement of compassion or humanity, one needs to store the image and learn from what has been seen and follow or not follow, whatever is good for him/her. You cannot forget act of violence OR any harsh reality as those images must be secured and not ignored for the betterment of society and nurturing humanity in oneself.

Be Wise and be happy and feel light by moving around and looking to the world through camera of your eyes and not by seeing everything from the harddisks of your mind.

Have a light mood and be Happy with your Life!

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