Sunday, 9 August 2015

Spiritual Comfort- Enjoy every aspect and form of life

Hey! What you think, is not actually what it is!

People feel that they have wasted their life doing nothing--

ohhh! I haven't got fame!

neither got extravagant money!

nor big houses!

people not talking about me , I am  nowhere ??

These are the feelings coming to the mind and if achieved something already, then that looks minuscule when compared to the big open world full of riches of all kind!


Have you thought, what time actually you have taken of this universe in the present form?

How many years have you passed with saying 'what you say- "doing nothing"?

20..30.....40......60......70.....80......100 OR can one Live more?

This 30/50/80/100 years is what??

If we believe Bible then humans are 6000 years old, and if science, then it says 2.5 million years!!

So what age we have lived or will live is not even a drop in the ocean of mankind.So how you have wasted your life, it is not even a fragment of mankind age.

What you see other having achieved, may have been achieved by you in some earlier times-200/400/1000/ OR 2000 OR 5000 years back so why to remorse?

If we go back 500 years, we come to the time of Martin Luther (born in 1483), and Columbus, who “sailed the ocean blue in 1492.”
If we go back 1000 years, we come to the time of Leif Ericson, Christian explorer, who preached Christ to pagans. (World Book, 1983, vol.6, page 270.)
If we go back 2000 years, we come to the birth of Jesus Christ. Our calendar is dated from His birth.
If we go back 3000 years, we come to the time of David and Solomon; they ruled Israel about 1000 BC.
If we go back 4000 years, we come to the time of Abraham (2000 BC), ancestor of Arabs and Jews.

If we go back 5000 years, we approach the birth year of Noah, who followed God's command to build an Ark to preserve life through the worldwide flood.

And if rebirth is contestable in your mind, then what is the use of getting so much in this life, when it is limited to just 60/70 or 100 years.

Did you notice how the last so many years of your life passed--

Ohhh! I still remember my 3rd standard teacher!!

I remember my 1st day of college!!

I remember our friend group's trip to shimla!!

MyGod it was 10/20 or 30 or 40 years or 50  back but still so vivid memories in my mind!!

Time passes so quickly yaar!!

This is what we say, then the remaining time will pass too..

Enjoy what you have around you- Your family, friends , kids ,trees, sky, dawning day-- everything!Enjoy your health, your mobility and if good wealth then the above things being more fine tuned!

Money will only fine tune the enjoyments but not give core enjoyment!

What you are, is what is important !

Make life better of your own and your own ones!

Whatever money you have
whatever materials you have
whatever health you have
 Be happy with it and have satisfaction!

Be unsatisfied only if you are not enjoying your surroundings!

Saying is easier than done but DO GIVE IT A TRY, atleast you will be better than before!

Have Comfort in mind !