Monday, 22 June 2015

Spiritual Comfort-Session 2

What do you feel when you see the other person/your neighbor/friend having moved ahead in life, having a good amount of money as compared to you(even if you are also having fairly decent amount to have a good living)?


Yes, most of us get inundated with most of these thoughts at first instance...

But... One who is having spiritual comfort won't feel so!

Because this world is not endless, a person may live for 30/40/60/80/100 years but eventually life will end, the person who has enjoyed his life with whatever he had, will feel more satisfied at the end of his road, and the person who has just gone endlessly toward earning more to have expensive car/expensive house, would've never enjoyed what he had, because he didn't have the time.

Why God gave you birth in a particular family,region with brain/DNA different from others?

To ensure that each one of us get to enjoy his/her own track of life with set of things-be it family/be it friends/be it money/be it health and be satisfied, and not looking into other's track and feel sad.

Enjoy your journey of life, you may not have a lamborghini/ferrari but you may have a four wheel car which can make you move to God's places having sun/sky/trees/mountains/beaches, No one. yes No one stop you to enjoy your life if you have an urge to do so.

In fact people will wonder-
" how this man could be happy with so and so things he have"?,
 he must be faking happiness?

but you don't have to give answers to anybody dear, Just go and enjoy with the means you have.

If you couldn't eat in a hotel, you can eat in a McDonald/Burger King etc, do take time out to enjoy the nature.

The happiest of all things are the cheapest too!

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So Friends-- Enjoyyyy Life !

Life is great and you don't need big money to enjoy more, just need to have an open and big mind to see the hidden treasures.

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Spiritual comfort: This is a situation where materials don't matter to you, you are in resonance with your mind.

In the mad rush of today's world full of aspirations and ambitions, people don't have time to just halt and just see where they are heading for!

 Will a fashionable living, a sporty car and always being on tenterhooks give you relaxation or is it that, when you sit idle for even 10-15 minutes, your mind asks your brain, " what is it all that I am doing", "is it not enough whatever I have accumulated or will this endless race just go on and ON".

The only thing which will give you cushion against the self destruction will be the degree of spiritual comfort that you have created for yourself, by making others happy, by being your own or by just getting out of the mad race.

So you have to be first in conversation with yourself  before yo embark on this journey. because it is people around you who will force you to come off track and join the race and will be unhappy about you being become so selfless and non-bothered about what others are doing.

So let us start a process in ourself to find solace, not by leaving everything but by staying with what you have, but be a different person from all else.

 Just see the sun shining bright for all- be it rich or poor! Go out and give a helping hand to the down trodden, and this is just start of your journey to spiritual comfort.

Explore the unlimited sky of happiness by being a part of everyone's happiness. But a caution too- people will find you having become a bit off-track but don't preach them to do, what you are doing.

Just go on and on.