Sunday, 8 March 2015


The beliefs and thoughts of a person are nothing but manifestation of the thoughts of his surroundings elements, surrounding elements may be familt/friends/some personalities/people whom one admire.

The thoughts changes, when something dramatic and out of turn events happen, which may alter one's beliefs and sway to some other spirituality avenue.

The people who can listen and talk to themselves and debate with oneself,chart their own path and question the path shown by surroundings elements.

They apply heart/mind/brain to get the answers and not just follow blind old answers.

There is a question to anyone following the belief that " God has made us human, which is a blessing because we might have done some good deeds that we got this life". The question is

" If we being human is a blessing owing to our good deeds, then how it has happenend that 50 crore people in 1500 A.D has grown to 700 crore in 2015, have all of them done good deeds then how this increase"?