Sunday, 13 December 2015

Higher Your "FGTF" to be happy always.

Hi Friends!

We all are now living in a highly scientific & advanced technology times where we have quantified and love to hear about everything on some basis or figures like "what's the BHP", "How much GB", "How much mp(megapixel)"?, "what's the package"? "2G or 3G"?

This quantification has also been awarded to the happiness and most people think that this happiness level is more with being more famous or having more money but it is Not XXXXXXXX
Actually this is where the Subject line of this post that is "FGTF" comes into play.

What is "FGTF"?

FGTF is "Feel Good Trigger Factor"

                                                                                                                  FGTF is " Level of happiness attained on the basis/level of event"-Level of happiness achieved on the smallest of event would mean "Highest FGTF"

Level of event may be as low as reaching office on time despite traffic Or on seeing your child scoring good in small tests Or on meeting friends Or on watching a good movie.

OR As high as getting a new car Or seeing your child stand first among all Or nothing less than a foreign trip.

To elaborate further, suppose you and a colleague of yours were going on an office trip to a foreign destination and a plane mishap occurs and you had to crash land at a place where both of u had to stay for  a week to get back , while the next batch of your colleagues got there at conference and got extra value points in career sheet..

"Would you be happy being saved Or sad having missed the value points in your career sheet"?
So the one who is happy has a high FGTF while one who is sad is having a low FGTF.

This "FGTF" is a relative term and cannot be used isolated because unlike a normal earning man, a poor beggar would be v happy getting a 1000 rs note so he is having higher FGTG but he shall be compared to his' likewise person.

While a "Low FGTF" person can boast that he/she is quite matured &sophisticated but the matter of the fact is that he/she would be missing the joys of life as a whole.
That "low FGTF" person would be happy in very few times like being admired publicly or by sycophants Or when people acknowledge his/her feats and not by achieving feat alone.

So your mind's happiness fuel should be like petrol which ignites easily, on a small good event, like petrol on lightest of fire,whereas the mind's sadness fuel should be like a glass which cannot ignite easily on sad events easily but yes it can hotten on prolonged sadness but wouldn't catch fire. Saying that it wouldn't even hotten would be like asking to be like God!
Make yourself happy in circumstances like first monsoon rain or a good traffic day or an evening with friends and feel every day to be a good day when nothing bad happenend.

If all celebrities had been happy then all would've lived the most and not died by overdose or something unnatural. This doesn't mean that all successful are unhappy but the fact is that, one who takes things in stride what nature is giving is the happiest- Be it a private jet or a private bicycle!

In third world countries getting electricity after power cuts is a moment of joy so in developed world one should find easy triggers like having encountered low traffic and good work day to be  moments of joy.

Don't wait for vastly different things or events to happen for you, to be happy but find the slightest of things to be happy.

Stay Happy and Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

'Tomorrow never Dies, But Today will'

Hi Folks!

The die hard fans of James Bond and others must be acquainted with one of his hit movie"Tomorrow never dies" 
as the name suggests - Life of tomorrow has to be saved today at all costs and that is what Mr Bond is doing in the movie...

But the true essence of the theme must be that tomorrow never dies but today has to and it will!

So while you must be preparing for tomorrow, that must not be at the cost of today's pleasure and enjoyment of life.

So while enmity,hatred and prejudices must be eliminated for better tomorrow, happiness and freedom of thoughts must be ensured for today.

This is just one life, you won't get it again-this theory propels us to bulldoze ourselves over others or prioritize our self over others

BUT this is absolutely flawed,

Whatever you do or whatever good life you live -at the end one would feel that he/she could've lived better. And if the life comes only once then the recent research which spans history of mankind to 50000 years makes this claim absurd, God do not have so many souls to cater to so many years of existence, they have to be reclaimed

Yes it is right to enjoy life to the fullest but in the quest to make it best we forget the beauty of life and the ways to make it. You will always feel a lot better when enjoyment involves more people.
Be a saver and spender too .

So while thinking about aggregating for tomorrow don't forget to live today. Knowing that this is one of many thousand's view which is being shared every now and then, still I felt to share it !

Monday, 5 October 2015

Sun is Shining Always-Giving Shine to Everyone and You!

Daily we wake up seeing a bright Sun above us, no matter we wake up at 5am or at 11am!

We can be at bed in morning OR go out in the park. 

When we go out we experience a nice morning and bright SUN which is ubiquitous(universal to all) and shining happily to you irrespective of whether you have come for the first time in many years or coming daily for the last many years!

Do we have the same compassion for others?

Will our brightness fade if we behave like Sun?

"That fellow is a snob kind"/ "he is an egoist"/ "she is damn caring about others" -

Above feelings come to everyone's mind for any person in his/her circle on the basis of perception one has built over the time for him Or may be the person is actually near to the term described.
In case of any bad happenings to the person we are talking about, these feelings aggravates.

So he/she ignored us or brushed us aside, then we must give him his cup of bad behavior that he deserves?
 Isn't it so and we will feel satisfied as "Yes, here comes my turn and now he will feel the pinch"?

So shall Sun should also do it like that, whenever sparingly or when doctor advises us to go in morning to have a feel of fresh day? 
Should Air make itself more pleasant for the regulars and not us? 
Trees should give more oxygen to the ones who have made it feel it's existence?
'Because we had been ignoring it for the past many years and now we have come because of our necessity.

Dear fellows, nature shows us the path, to deal with the surroundings although we call ourselves as active living beings!

Yes, it's easier said than done but we may try, build compassion for everyone, when one is in dire straits don't bring sympathy in your mind but empathy for him/her!

Sympathy is just having a kind feeling for other but empathy is experiencing the feeling by putting yourself in that stage!

Difficult, it is really difficult but whenever that stage comes, just think of the Sun and you will get the motivation to be, if not like it then at least near to it.

Don't get yourself embroiled in hatred but if other hates then just move as if that person is not present at all so be happy and cheerful!

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Spiritual Comfort- Click Only the pictures, by your eye's camera !

Hi Friends!

Have you ever noticed that when we are commuting to our office, or just roaming around the city, or going out of station we see many things that come across our eyes. Many things are just seen and ignored BUT most of the good looking things get embedded into the mind, and we think over it again and again.

When we see a person sporting a lavish car or a beautiful place or house , we think and part of our mind, which has an insatiable desire for more & more things, gets active. Our feelings of well being goes down, whatsoever we are.If  this doesnot happen to you then you are blessed with the best of spiritual mind and soul!

The level of feeling down, depend on person to person, it can be just a bit or it could be too high- even a normal passing day could become restless thinking about the pale comparison of your own Honda city or Toyota corolla with a Jaguar /porche/maybach OR a bike with simply a car!

Is it natural to all of us and if yes then what can be done for it? 
Ohh Leave it, it happens, nothing could be done!

Is this your view point? 

Then see the other side!

Have you ever used a camera to take pictures? 
Did the camera clicks and save the images to memory card without your command?
Simply "NO" 

It just see whatever comes in front of the lens and clicks only if we want, otherwise moves over to the new image .
So your camera may have seen umpteen images but would've taken only few images backhome.

Just DO it like that- Make your eyes a camera only!

See whatever comes in front of your lens but donot get engulfed in any of the images' landscape.

What you see is not meant to be stored in your mind and to be given a thought always, but things are to be seen and cherished, that you have got these wonderful lens in form of eyes to see the things.
ONLY when there is involvement of compassion or humanity, one needs to store the image and learn from what has been seen and follow or not follow, whatever is good for him/her. You cannot forget act of violence OR any harsh reality as those images must be secured and not ignored for the betterment of society and nurturing humanity in oneself.

Be Wise and be happy and feel light by moving around and looking to the world through camera of your eyes and not by seeing everything from the harddisks of your mind.

Have a light mood and be Happy with your Life!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Spiritual Comfort- Have your mind's key in your own hand!

Ever wondered-

"What we plan or have in our mind, changes course without our control and we just become mute spectator to the way our good time becomes bad time"?

 "I was going in such a good mood, all mood got spoilt by those sequence of events".This comes to our mind too often. Isn't it?

The situations/surroundings/places don't change but the thoughts in mind changes, and the feelings that were so good become bad. Do we have any control over the chain of events or not?.

Answer is both - 'Yes' and 'No'.

'NO', we don't have any control over the happenings, the events, situations etc ,e.g.suppose you had to visit someone or some place, and you plan well and have ample time to reach and comfortably spend time. But on way you had a brief altercation with a foolish bystander walking carelessly or had a tyre puncture,you became damn angry on the man or the road and the time you had planned got wasted in useless situation that made you feel angry, sad and dejected. Now same set of places you are going from, will seem unenjoyable and boring. So you didn't have control. Isn't it?

Now 'Yes'. Yes you can control the situations, but how?

The same foolish bystander or a tyre puncture or waste of time that you had, can just be given a go by in your mind, and move on.So what does that mean? Although situations are not man made but the situation of your mind can be man made and that man should be 'you'.

We should not let other people have control over our mind, so while others can do or create situation which can make us angry, we have control of our mind if we think seriously. We can strive not to be angry at other's discretion but have control of our anger.

So don't give the key of your mind to others, key should be in your hands. It should be your privelage to be angry or not and other's action should not deviate you, whatever be the case.

Have an open mind, always ready to absorb new/unforeseen situations without access of others to your anger. Whenever others have made you angry just give it a thought.

What an irony, that the person reduces his life by a minute whenever one becomes angry, so because of other's fault we do damage to our own self.

Friends and my Fellow Mankind, Be happy and have your key always with you and not others.

If you find this blog giving you some good insights or feel that it is not sheer waste of time,

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Spiritual Comfort- Enjoy every aspect and form of life

Hey! What you think, is not actually what it is!

People feel that they have wasted their life doing nothing--

ohhh! I haven't got fame!

neither got extravagant money!

nor big houses!

people not talking about me , I am  nowhere ??

These are the feelings coming to the mind and if achieved something already, then that looks minuscule when compared to the big open world full of riches of all kind!


Have you thought, what time actually you have taken of this universe in the present form?

How many years have you passed with saying 'what you say- "doing nothing"?

20..30.....40......60......70.....80......100 OR can one Live more?

This 30/50/80/100 years is what??

If we believe Bible then humans are 6000 years old, and if science, then it says 2.5 million years!!

So what age we have lived or will live is not even a drop in the ocean of mankind.So how you have wasted your life, it is not even a fragment of mankind age.

What you see other having achieved, may have been achieved by you in some earlier times-200/400/1000/ OR 2000 OR 5000 years back so why to remorse?

If we go back 500 years, we come to the time of Martin Luther (born in 1483), and Columbus, who “sailed the ocean blue in 1492.”
If we go back 1000 years, we come to the time of Leif Ericson, Christian explorer, who preached Christ to pagans. (World Book, 1983, vol.6, page 270.)
If we go back 2000 years, we come to the birth of Jesus Christ. Our calendar is dated from His birth.
If we go back 3000 years, we come to the time of David and Solomon; they ruled Israel about 1000 BC.
If we go back 4000 years, we come to the time of Abraham (2000 BC), ancestor of Arabs and Jews.

If we go back 5000 years, we approach the birth year of Noah, who followed God's command to build an Ark to preserve life through the worldwide flood.

And if rebirth is contestable in your mind, then what is the use of getting so much in this life, when it is limited to just 60/70 or 100 years.

Did you notice how the last so many years of your life passed--

Ohhh! I still remember my 3rd standard teacher!!

I remember my 1st day of college!!

I remember our friend group's trip to shimla!!

MyGod it was 10/20 or 30 or 40 years or 50  back but still so vivid memories in my mind!!

Time passes so quickly yaar!!

This is what we say, then the remaining time will pass too..

Enjoy what you have around you- Your family, friends , kids ,trees, sky, dawning day-- everything!Enjoy your health, your mobility and if good wealth then the above things being more fine tuned!

Money will only fine tune the enjoyments but not give core enjoyment!

What you are, is what is important !

Make life better of your own and your own ones!

Whatever money you have
whatever materials you have
whatever health you have
 Be happy with it and have satisfaction!

Be unsatisfied only if you are not enjoying your surroundings!

Saying is easier than done but DO GIVE IT A TRY, atleast you will be better than before!

Have Comfort in mind !

Monday, 22 June 2015

Spiritual Comfort-Session 2

What do you feel when you see the other person/your neighbor/friend having moved ahead in life, having a good amount of money as compared to you(even if you are also having fairly decent amount to have a good living)?


Yes, most of us get inundated with most of these thoughts at first instance...

But... One who is having spiritual comfort won't feel so!

Because this world is not endless, a person may live for 30/40/60/80/100 years but eventually life will end, the person who has enjoyed his life with whatever he had, will feel more satisfied at the end of his road, and the person who has just gone endlessly toward earning more to have expensive car/expensive house, would've never enjoyed what he had, because he didn't have the time.

Why God gave you birth in a particular family,region with brain/DNA different from others?

To ensure that each one of us get to enjoy his/her own track of life with set of things-be it family/be it friends/be it money/be it health and be satisfied, and not looking into other's track and feel sad.

Enjoy your journey of life, you may not have a lamborghini/ferrari but you may have a four wheel car which can make you move to God's places having sun/sky/trees/mountains/beaches, No one. yes No one stop you to enjoy your life if you have an urge to do so.

In fact people will wonder-
" how this man could be happy with so and so things he have"?,
 he must be faking happiness?

but you don't have to give answers to anybody dear, Just go and enjoy with the means you have.

If you couldn't eat in a hotel, you can eat in a McDonald/Burger King etc, do take time out to enjoy the nature.

The happiest of all things are the cheapest too!

If you are feeling low and not getting to know these things wait for my next blog OR do mail me at
amit nagpal .

Will be coming with new insights and do share your experiences at my email and I will respond with a new post.

So Friends-- Enjoyyyy Life !

Life is great and you don't need big money to enjoy more, just need to have an open and big mind to see the hidden treasures.

Pls tell whether you like this article or not?

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Spiritual comfort: This is a situation where materials don't matter to you, you are in resonance with your mind.

In the mad rush of today's world full of aspirations and ambitions, people don't have time to just halt and just see where they are heading for!

 Will a fashionable living, a sporty car and always being on tenterhooks give you relaxation or is it that, when you sit idle for even 10-15 minutes, your mind asks your brain, " what is it all that I am doing", "is it not enough whatever I have accumulated or will this endless race just go on and ON".

The only thing which will give you cushion against the self destruction will be the degree of spiritual comfort that you have created for yourself, by making others happy, by being your own or by just getting out of the mad race.

So you have to be first in conversation with yourself  before yo embark on this journey. because it is people around you who will force you to come off track and join the race and will be unhappy about you being become so selfless and non-bothered about what others are doing.

So let us start a process in ourself to find solace, not by leaving everything but by staying with what you have, but be a different person from all else.

 Just see the sun shining bright for all- be it rich or poor! Go out and give a helping hand to the down trodden, and this is just start of your journey to spiritual comfort.

Explore the unlimited sky of happiness by being a part of everyone's happiness. But a caution too- people will find you having become a bit off-track but don't preach them to do, what you are doing.

Just go on and on.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Reseach about the stocks in India--InComplete

For the past many months I have been trying to figure out, if there are actual researches on the specific stocks of Indian stock markets or just same reports circulating without anything new. One can google- Fundamentals of a XYX company and you will have research reports as old as 2-3 year old, no particular fundamental free report(not even summarised) or a compilation of various recommendations.

Now You will get a compilation of various research reports and get an exact idea about, on what path a company is moving. Not a blind statement but present facts being taken care of.

To give you an example-- For the last one year or so Asian paints have been a darling of stock market and many recommendation of Buy considering that Crude was going down and kying low which will result in tremendous profit growth of the company because of crude derivatives being major component of paint industries raw material.But now after their results, from the last year april to this year, crude is averaging 65$ whereas the corresponding last year it would have been 95$. Any significant change in the profitability justifying a PE of 55+ . Answer is NO. So where have all the analysis gone??

And Now if you will google-" Asian paints outlook for 2015? just see what you get? Old recommendations but no current outlook barring a few, cautioning that target price reduced to sub 800 level, from 800 plus level. Same is the case of major stocks.
Shall we do something?
 Is there a need ?

Please Guide so that we all can be helped out...

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Life is Simple, just make it happen simple!


    Do you know ?

   What ways are People Living :-

-- Some are too conscious about every action that has happened in and around the world, concerning       them or not.

-- Some are conscious only about actions that happened but only concerning themselves.

-- Some are least concerned about outside world, but living in their own set of worldly preferences.

-- Some are very sensitive to every matter, however small or big it may be.
    Which One are you ?

 To bring a change, first thing is to identify what feelings you have inside and whether it would be possible in your case?

Find out what type of person you are

And wait for next upcoming new untold ways to simplify life

Sunday, 8 March 2015


The beliefs and thoughts of a person are nothing but manifestation of the thoughts of his surroundings elements, surrounding elements may be familt/friends/some personalities/people whom one admire.

The thoughts changes, when something dramatic and out of turn events happen, which may alter one's beliefs and sway to some other spirituality avenue.

The people who can listen and talk to themselves and debate with oneself,chart their own path and question the path shown by surroundings elements.

They apply heart/mind/brain to get the answers and not just follow blind old answers.

There is a question to anyone following the belief that " God has made us human, which is a blessing because we might have done some good deeds that we got this life". The question is

" If we being human is a blessing owing to our good deeds, then how it has happenend that 50 crore people in 1500 A.D has grown to 700 crore in 2015, have all of them done good deeds then how this increase"?